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Welcome to the Fourth Annual Aggie Wallace Memorial Solo Piping & Drumming Competition!  Aloha, I am Kim Greeley, the founder and organizer of the solo competition. The competition honors my first piping instructor, Aggie Wallace

Aggie Wallace - the Founder of Piping in Hawai'i


Born in Scotland, Aggie and was a formidable piper who brought the art of playing the Great Scottish Highland Bagpipe to Hawai’i. The daughter of a Pipe Major, Aggie was one of the first internationally recognized female pipers.

Aggie came to Hawai’i in 1938 at the invitation of her friend E.K. Fernandez, after first emigrating to Canada with her family, and then finding work in the Vaudeville circuit and in Hollywood. She was an extraordinary teacher, training several generations of Hawai’i pipers, and forming the first local bagpipe band. Aggie’s students have gone on to perform worldwide, winning awards in the United States, Canada, Scotland and England.

Adopting Hawai'i as her permanent home, Aggie reached out to the audiences of the Hawaiian islands, giving many piping concerts, including an annual Christmas concert for the residents of Kalaupapa on Molokai. She introduced the magnificent sound of the Great Highland Pipes to local audiences, capturing hearts with the music of Hawai'i by adapting, for the first time, the great songs of Hawai'i for the pipes. Aggie’s adaptations of Aloha Oe, and Hawaii Aloha, amongst other songs, are still played throughout our islands. 

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A tribute

Listen to the tribute to Aggie Wallace by her student and friend, "Israelpiper."  The music was composed by Janette Montague of Ayrshire, Scotland.