The Aggie Wallace Memorial Drumming Competition


Solo Drumming Events for Every Level !!!


Enter the Festival Drumming Events and get individualized feedback on your drum playing, admission to the free drumming workshops, and the fun of meeting and performing next to drummers from Hawai'i, the mainland US, and New Zealand.  



Sign Up: Register by clicking on the "Drummers' Registration" link below, or go to the top of the page and click on the "Drummers' Registration" page.  Online registration is just a few taps.  Or, e-mail Kim Greeley at
What to Wear:   We're in Hawai'i, a step away from the beach, and the competition dress code is a little more flexible.  Choose to wear the modern traditional outfit of long sleeve shirt, vest & tie;  or drop the tie and the vest and wear a collared polo shirt.  Glengherries, kilts, sporrans, and the rest of Highland Dress complete the requirements.  Student drummers in the practice pad events are NOT required to wear Highland Dress.  Just casual business attire.

We look forward to hearing you play!!!


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